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Obituary- Victory Okuboarere


Victory Okuboarere


 It is with great sadness that we report the murder of Victory Okuboarere, Medical Superintendent of the Mission on the 26th April 2020. A senseless and calculated act that leaves his wife Patricia, and three young daughters.
Victory joined the Mission at the start, seventeen years ago in 2003 and exemplified leadership and a gentle manner, humility, service and integrity. He was a man seeking to serve the Lord in all he did, a servant and follower of Jesus.
He will be profoundly missed by all who knew him

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 Counting the Cost - Kidnapped in the Niger Delta

The account of God's sustaining Grace throughout three weeks of captivity, held by a militant gang in the swamps of the Niger Delta, set against the past sixteen years of New Foundations Mission work, and the loss and martyrdom of our dear friend Ian Squire.

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